Complete references: COST REALLOCATION IN SOCIAL HOUSING PROJECTS BASED ON DESIRED VALUES OF END-USERS, Joyce de Andrade Ruiz; Ariovaldo Denis Granja e Doris C.C.K. Kowaltowski, Journal of Built Environment Project and Asset Management (Emerald Group Publishing), ISSN 2044-124x, 2014, Vol. 4, Issue 4, pp. 352-367
Year: 2014
Type: Artigos completos publicados em periódicos

Due to the challenges in Social Housing (SH) construction in Brazil, the discussion of the value delivery to the end-users combined with the costs of these enterprises is of great importance. This study proposes a Value Management (VM) process using tools provided by Value Engineering (VE) to apply modifications to SH projects. Combined with the proactive approach of Target Costing (TC), a systematic process is presented with the goal of attaining an optimal functional balance between costs, performance and value delivery to end-users. A case study is used to examine a simulation of the proposed approach in an SH project of a large housing provision company of the State of São Paulo. Opportunities for improvement guided by the desired values of end-users were evaluated. As a result, 7 of the 9 modification opportunities were shown to be feasible. From the case study cost reductions and a guarantee of desired values by end-users could be achieved, which enabled new features to be introduced in the housing units. Costs of SH projects (SHP) need reexamination within the scope of desired values of end-users to maximize the resources applied. A systemized process is recommended, where the product?s functions are adjusted according to a value basis.

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